We bring it all together from the start
producing quality, consistent and precision results:

The combination of accuracy, consistency, rapid response and cost savings is the key that opens the door to opportunity. That’s why Shanghai Industries Group (SIG) conceptualizes, designs, develops and owns tooling and fixtures for most of the products we manufacture. SIG’s tooling capabilities feature:

  • Multiple Tooling Centers
  • Secure Tooling Control
  • High Rate of Transfer Success

Combining SIG’s robust tooling center capabilities with that of many specialized certified tooling vendors’, we are engaged in every aspect of the tooling process from start to finish. SIG develops tooling for a diverse mix of applications and processes. Our most-common include:

  • Metals / Powdered Metals
  • Plastics
  • EVA & Flexible Polyurethane Foams
  • Rigid Polyurethane

Our ability to control tooling with ownership allows us to effectively implement, manage and transfer tooling between multiple production environments without compromising production consistency and performance.