True capability starts with people.

At Shanghai Industries Group, we believe collaboration and involvement throughout the entire product lifecycle is the driving factor behind any product’s success. By unifying efforts of our customers, alliance partners, and internal personnel in the initial phases of development, our holistic approach to full-cycle involvement produces results rarely found in direct global manufacturing environments.

Our systematic approach immediately forms multi-talented, cross-functional teams centric to the goals of each project early in the concept phase. Getting design, development, safety and testing, industrial engineering, and packaging engineers involved in projects from the start minimizes lead times, maximizes cost savings, and ensures our teams are constantly striving to improve each characteristic of a product with the project’s ultimate goal in mind at all times.

We aren’t finished when a product goes to market. The same team involved in the development, tooling, and engineering phases directly participates in the manufacturing and quality assurance processes carried out on the factory floor.

  • Research & Design
  • Product Development
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Quality Assurance

For every SIG customer, differentiating their products in the global marketplace all starts with our unique ability to bring the talent, knowledge, and resources together in one place with one goal in mind:

Your complete satisfaction.