Lean Operations. Quality Engineering. Rapid Changeover Tooling.
Precision Results.

Shanghai Industries Group carries a well-known proven track record for success in plastics processing. Taking on the challenges presented in some of the most complex programs involving multi-element medical-grade and consumer products, SIG consistently proves itself as a world-class leader in quality, consumer safety, and value in plastic component production.

Some of the most-attractive elements of our processing operations feature:

  • Clean Room Environments
  • Precision Measurement Capability
  • Decorative & Functional Polyurethane Production Capability
  • Reduced Leadtimes through Rapid Changeover Production Cells
  • Perpetual Quality Control & Assurance

SIG’s comprehensive plastics processing capabilities create quality component parts for a broad range of markets. SIG’s plastics processing infrastructure truly has the experience, knowledge, and functional capacity to fulfill all your needs for plastic and polyurethane component parts for industrial, medical, and high-grade consumer markets.