Shanghai Industries Group’s (SIG’s) core team is organized into six cross-functional, on-demand teams:

Project Specialists & Project Managers
These professionals are fluent English speakers who handle the day to day communications, project management, and information flow between our customers, and engineering department, all the way down to production on the factory floor. Although our product specialists are part of a team of specialists, they are ultimately 100{1782d76b7c3724fbb869f366ff3fc13b7b6d7e3825ac5ab536b7994b51641bcd} responsible for the coordination of each project and oversee each from the cradle to the grave.

Product Specialists & Engineering
Our engineers specialize in a wide array of materials. Our Product Specialists work daily in our factories developing tooling, manufacturing processes, developing testing apparatuses, and quality assurance.

All of our tooling is fabricated in-house, helping us reduce cost so we can pass the savings onto our customers. All of our factories not only follow 6S, we make lean manufacturing a part of everything we do.

Our engineering staff oversees application of 6S, lean manufacturing, and maintaining continuity of the quality SIG is famous for in concept and on the factory floor. Our U.S. industrial engineering is responsible for patents, increasing our efficiency during product development, and continuously looking for ways to add value to our existing products.

Production Specialists
Our production department is continually qualifying and training new factories for SIG to partner with. The goal of SIG’s production department is to keep a healthy level of competition present at all times while maintaining centralized control of production methods and processes.

When appropriate, we will utilize multiple-facilities for each product to maintain control over capacity and cost. Being aware of competition not only makes us critical of our own production, it ensures the best value is provided to customers at all times.

Operations & Logistics
Members of our operations and logistics department are experts in managing all aspects of shipping, consolidation, storage and logistics needs. In 2008 alone, SIG moved over 10,000 containers to North America, Europe, South-East Asia, and South America.

Domestic Marketing & Retail Distribution
Our exceptional business licenses allow us to import & export, as well as sell in domestic Chinese markets alike. Our domestic sales division includes 40 staff members dedicated to managing domestic accounts.

SIG customers have discovered great value in utilizing our Chinese marketing channels to bring their products into Chinese consumer markets.

Safety & Testing
SIG has a dedicated safety and testing department which works closely on a daily basis with many internationally-recognized testing laboratories. Toys, games, electronics, and medical supplies are some of the most-stringently tested products exported from China.

Our safety and testing specialist are trained not only to identify issues during or after production has been completed, but are also included in the product development team from the beginning to help identify issues early before tooling is fabricated and materials are selected.

This has proven to be tremendously-valuable in saving time on projects and maintaining SIG’s reputation for supreme quality and cost savings.