Delivering On-Demand Solutions for Businesses Worldwide

Shanghai Industries Group (SIG) is one of the world’s leading providers of on-demand manufacturing and turnkey global business solutions. Headquartered in Shanghai China, we conduct business in over 50 locations throughout China, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the United States.

We take on all aspects of helping businesses compete in the global marketplace including manufacturing and production management, design and engineering, testing and quality assurance, international marketing and distribution services. The core focus of our business is to deliver absolute excellence in manufacturing services to customers worldwide.

Business Philosophy

Working with Chinese manufacturing partners since 1997, SIG has always had the goal to help partners become more efficient, more sophisticated, and to deliver products that serve customers globally. Sharing the success that comes from providing advanced production methods and resources is how SIG has grown into a world-class leader of specialized, on-demand, lean manufacturing solutions.

Through it all, integrity has guided every aspect of our business. Putting the interests of the customer first and partners second has naturally produced success for everyone involved.

“Customer First + Partners Second = Automatic Success for Everyone”

SIG’s philosophy, integrity, and innovative ideas launched their success in global manufacturing solutions.