Creating solutions through knowledge and innovation.

Our unmatched ability to transfer qualified engineering knowledge, sophisticated production methods and project requirements directly into the manufacturing environment is one of the ways we deliver theĀ greatest valueto Shanghai Industries Group (SIG) customers.

SIG engineers specialize in connecting project requirements with production systems employing methodologies proven to deliver success.


SIG’s multi-national engineering staff is comprised of approximately:

  • 16 Management Engineers
  • 40 Staff Engineers
  • 60 Factory Engineers

SIG’s cross-functional engineering teams develop comprehensive solutions specializing in each of the critical areas of production::

  • Product Research, Development & Testing
  • Packaging Design, Development & Testing
  • Industrial, Chemical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
  • Process Engineering
  • Layout & Facilities Design
  • Time & Motion Analysis
  • Production Planning

SIG engineering produces value for customers regardless of the technical aptitude, knowledge expertise and resources our customers and partners have available within their own organizations. We partner with customers to make your projects, our projects. From product design and process innovation to failure and stress testing, SIG engineering takes on complex challenges and produces valuable solutions for SIG customers.