At Shanghai Industries Group, we believe collaboration and involvement throughout the entire product lifecycle is the driving factor behind product success. By unifying efforts of our customers, alliance partners, and internal personnel at the initial phases of development, we minimize lead times, maximize cost savings, and achieve project goals.

We see a product through from the beginning to end. Our teams are directly involved in each cycle of the product development.

  • Research & Design
  • Product Development
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Quality Assurance

Our systematic approach forms multi-talented and cross-functional teams that are centric to the goals of each project. Whether its design, development, safety and testing, industrial engineering, or package engineering, we work as a united front to improve each characteristic of the product while maintaining schedules and meeting deadlines. Our holistic approach to full-cycle involvement produces results and are seldom seen in direct global manufacturing today.

At Shanghai Industries Group, we have the unique ability to bring talent, knowledge, and resources together to one place with one goal in mind:

Your complete satisfaction.