We earn business by providing the best value to customers.
Delivering uncompromising quality is where we start:

At Shanghai Industries Group (SIG), every item leaving our doors is produced using a series of systemized protocols to assure quality in every characteristic of a given product. With over 95 SIG inspectors and quality assurance managers constantly scrutinizing outputs and methods on the production floor using our production management system, SIG customers can rest, assured knowing that production is being handled correctly and producing the best outcomes.

SixSigma (6S) governs the framework for all QA & QC operations within SIG’s production management system. Combining applied 6S with advanced product quality planning systems is how SIG delivers universal control in diversified manufacturing environments.

Inspection of raw materials, processes and finished goods adhere to customer specifications starting with:

  • Function
  • Appearance
  • Critical Dimension
  • Material
  • Assembly / Production Method

We stand behind our products and take pride in our ability to deliver quality products and services. We truly beleive that providing value through quality products and services is the way to create opportunities for our business.

Our ability to be an efficient producer in a variety of markets is testimony to the success of our quality assurance and quality control functions, and the dedication of our workforce.

Find out for yourself how SIG can turn your complex challenges into valuable solutions for your business.