Shanghai Industries Group (SIG) shares the strengths of many entrepreneurs in one manufacturing group and provides opportunity for entrepreneurs through investments in systems, services, processes, management, and resources producing qualified value-adding solutions for everyone involved. Our business model is unusual because our system immediately structures cross-functional teams of highly-trained in house employees, each with specific responsibilities to support each project from start to finish. Our core project teams join your efforts and serve as your eyes on the production floor at all times.

SIG owns, or is invested in 26 manufacturing facilities in Asia and North America where we provide lean manufacturing, product design, engineering, project management, quality assurance, and consolidation solutions inside our own doors. We offer light manufacturing, assembly, storage and distribution services in facilities located in Northern Illinois and Western Wisconsin making us the premier source of value for customers engaged in JIT component supply programs in the area.

Our core manufacturing services, combined with SIG’s network of over 120 qualified sub-contracting producers, provides customers and entrepreneurs with a single production channel that maximizes product and industry-centric specialization, reduces costs, simplifies the production of multiple project elements, and improves production efficiency.

How do we qualify sub-contractors allowing them to become a part of the SIG network? Through franchised systems of production processes, and standards defined by SIG’s team of over 80 product and industrial engineers, we are able to quickly identify and qualify sub-contractors suitable to produce high-quality products in the most efficient manner possible. The franchised systems our sub-contractors utilize not only reduces costs and minimizes risks for SIG and our customers, it also provides producers with a methodology for production management proven to produce successful results when competing in the global marketplace.