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USA Toy Expert Richard Gottlieb Says Toy & Game Manufacturing in China is Here to Stay!

Richard Gottlieb’s Blog:

January 24, 2011 / Shanghai, China
Shanghai Industries Group scores exceptionally high on Panjiva, a global trade intelligence database for professionals.

SIG received a rating of 95-97, which puts us in the growing category. According to Panjiva, growing manufacturers have seen year over year growth in total weight shipped to their U.S. customers.

November 9th, 2010 / CasualLiving.com
Shanghai Industries Group mentioned indirectly in press release of valued partner – Caluco

Link to press release: www.CasualLiving.com
Link to Caluco’s Website: www.Caluco.com

February 26th, 2010 / Shanghai Chinaanghai China
Shanghai Industries Group invests in a Coordinate Measuring Machine

Shanghai Industries Group recently invested in a CNC Horizontal Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM); we are confident that a CMM Machine will not only help our team members monitor, but also drastically improve our manufacturing processes.

What does this mean for Shanghai Industries Group, in terms of services provided?
SShanghai Industries Group is sure that a CMM will allow us to increase overall productivity and fine-tune operations to account for production variables.

Shanghai Industries Group is looking forward to improved accuracy in tooling; highly technical machined parts, requiring close tolerances and assembly.

For more information about CMM, please visit: http://www.xspectsolutions.com/
Shanghai Industries Group, together with CMM technology is revolutionizing manufacturing measurement.

February 15th, 2009 / Shanghai China
2009 National Hardware Show®
Visit Shanghai Industries Group (SIG) at the 2009 National Hardware Show®. SIG will be showcasing its latest products and designs for everything from home accessories and decorative mouldings, to painting supplies and fasteners. More information will be released prior to showtime. For show dates, times and details, please visit their website.
External Link: www.nationalhardwareshow.com